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To meet the essential basic human needs of all people within the means of the planet.

For Zuben this means balancing human needs with the limitations of the Earth’s physical boundaries.

Our focus is on supplying the most sustainable products available.

Circular products have minimum impact on our environment, allowing us to leave our precious planet as we found it for future generations.

Applying an eco friendly approach to everything we do will make for a greener and more sustainable environment.

A mission that balances human needs with the Earth's.


Sheeps Wool Insulation

Zuben is a supplier of 100% sheeps wool insulation

sheep wool insulation

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Why use wool insulation?

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Outstanding Insulation

100% SheepsWool is a best in class insulation product achieving a Thermal Conductivity rating of up to 0.0359 W/m2K, that offers a unique combination of benefits like no other insulation material.

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Humidity Control

Sheep’s wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture, without compromising it’s insulation effectiveness. When the moisture level in a room rises it absorbs water, only to release it again when the humidity levels drop, so it’s constantly and instinctively regulating humidity levels and reducing condensation.

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Optimum Air Quality

Optimum Air Quality - Sheep’s wool is able to purify the air in a room. It does this in a very short space of time, removing odours and harmful substances, such a VOC’s and formaldehyde.

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Sound Absorption

The sheep's wool fibers have a visco elastic property that helps to turn sound energy into heat while at the same time reducing surface and airborne noise.

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Fire Resistant

100% SheepsWool insulation has outstanding fire protection qualities. It does not burn easily and its fumes are non hazardous. It conforms to EU fire regulation Class E EN-13501-1.

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Pest Protection

100%SheepsWool is treated with a patent protected IonicTM process that has been tested by and proven to be insect and vermin resistant to ISO3998:1977. The Ionic is a natural process that adds nothing to the 100% wool product.

Why Wool Insulation is so good

see how amazing 100% Sheeps Wool is compared to other options

100% Sheeps wool Cellulose Rockwool Foam
Manages Moisture Yes No No No
Doesn't Mould Yes No No No
Cleans The Air Yes No No No
Fire Proof Yes No No No
90% Sound Reduction Yes No No No
100% Compostable Yes No No No