There is one ‘green’ star
in the night sky which is
called Zuben el Chemali
(Librae Beta).

It forms the northern part of the scales of the constellation Libra and is its brightest star.

Being on the right side of the scales it represents the rebalancing of the scale to determine value.

We chose the name Zuben as our guiding principle;

to help rebalance our beautiful planet.

We will do this by helping our customers with the sourcing of home improvement products that reduce energy consumption whilst being able to be fully recycled or returned to the earth.

A mission statement

Zuben's Mission

Hills and mountains

To ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied.

To be Carbon neutral by 2024 – any carbon we use or produce will be offset by carbon sequestrated by trees and landscape we support.

To create 100 ‘good jobs’ – a good job is one where everyone has their own autonomy, where each individual is respected and valued and where talent is encouraged and fostered and where everyone can make a good living wage.